1. Finished rewriting the item handling code. This will allow you to (when I write the code for it) disable items in DMaps.
  2. Updated the item and equipment cheat and init data dialogs to properly handle the new item code. Unfortunately, if you saved your quest in beta 174, you may have to manually redo some of the init data stuff for the items and equipment. Older quests should convert fine, though.
  3. Added “Can Keep Old Items” quest rule. Allows you to generally keep older items when you get new items. So, if an item is disabled or stolen, you can use a previous item you may still have.
  4. Fixed the bug that Raichu86 pointed out where the selector on the cset list screen in ZQuest would be off the cset list if you select a high number cset (like 14), then exit and switch to a cset list that didn’t have that number (like level csets).
  5. Fixed the bug that Raichu86 pointed out where cancelling out of the Data->Palette (F4 key) dialog would set the color of the current screen to 0 in ZQuest.
  6. Fixed the bug that Raichui86 pointed out where a second copy of the game screen would be displayed offset if SBIG is enabled and the resolution is higher than 640×480 in Zelda.
  7. Fixed (I think) the bug that Raichu86 pointed out where the More icon would still be displayed if you quit a game while it was on the screen.