This is mainly a bug-fix release.

Also note: This version will delete your save game, as the save game format had to change.

1. All items have been restored to their proper configurations. I may at a later time find a way to put the enhancements back in.

2. Bug where having a ringleader set to a segmented enemy would cause the Windows version of ZQuest Player to crash has been fixed.

3. Added a new quest rule: “Quick Sword”. Allows you to use your sword again before the sword use animation has finished (like you can in the GB Zelda games). Also works with the wand, I believe.

4. Added a “Clear T. Music” button to the DMap edit dialog.

5. Fixed the bug where the F5 key (saves a picture of the map) would crash in Windows if you had not already viewed the map once.

6. Fixed a bug where the invincibility induced by the clock cheat and no walls cheat would vanish if you picked up a clock, then left the screen.

7. Fixed the bug where Digdoggers would always return when you entered their room again.

8. Fixed dungeon rooms so that the “Freeform Dungeons” quest rule determines how far up the screen you can go (the invisible top barrier in dungeons).

9. Fixed the bug where you couldn’t unlock doors on the top of the screen if you were using the ladder at the time.

10. Added a new combo type: Lock Block. Acts like a door. Can only use one per screen, though. When you push on it a little and have a key, it will change to the next combo in the combo buffer, as will any other lock block on the screen. This allows you to create lock blocks as large as you want (you can have large, intricate doors, if you choose). This even works on layers.