This is a bug-fix release.

1. Fixed (I think) the bug with changing the map count.

2. Lockblocks can now be activated if they are in any way blocking your movement (before, you had to be lined up if you were moving vertically).

3. Lock blocks now sound like a door opening when you activate them.

4. Changed F1 back to VSync and made Ctrl-F1 the constant screenshot command.

5. Mouse Scrolling in the combo list now works again.

6. QSU export/import works now (this includes the backup feature).

7. Fixed the reflected fireball auto-homing bug.

8. Fixed the bug with multiple bomb placement.

9. Fixed the bug with save game icons not showing the proper ring color.

10. Fixed the bug where the player couldn’t unlock door on the top of dungeon rooms if the Freeform Dungeon quest rule was enabled.

11. Fixed the bug where Wave Warps would show up as No Warps and vice-versa (quests higher than beta 167 may possibly have to be manually fixed to work right).

12. Screen data changes (Data->Screen Data) counts as a change, so telling ZQuest Creator to exit will ask you if you want to save, if you haven’t done so already.

13. Fixed movement inside doors in dungeons so it’s like it was in Zelda 1 again (if you are inside a horizontal doorway, you can’t face up or down, and if you are in a vertical doorway, you can’t face left or right) unless you have the Freeform Dungeon quest rule checked.

14. Fixed tall grass/shallow water ripple hit detection to check the player’s feet instead of their head.