This is a bugfix-release.

1. Thanks to FatCatFan for finding this one. Fixed the bug (I hope) that causes temporary files to litter your hard drive sometimes after running ZQuest Player or ZQuest Creator.
2. Walk flags now only show up for layers 0-2 in ZQuest Creator.
3. Now, if you set a layer to an invalid map in ZQuest Creator, the layer map number reverts to 0 (disabling the layer) as opposed to crashing ZQuest Creator as it used to do.
4. Now, if you open a quest in ZQuest Creator with fewer maps than the one currently in memory, you go to the last map in the quest.
5. Fixed bat new enemy tiles.
6. Fixed code for boss key blocks.
7. Fixed the bug where the save select screen border wouldn’t erase around the text that was placed on it after you loaded a custom quest.
8. Fixed vsyncing back to what it was in beta 181 and below.
9. AG.CFG is now created by ZQuest Player, so no more errors about not being able to find it.
10. Fixed the bug where completing the 3rd quest would generate an error.
11. Fixed the bug in the tile selector where clicking on the down arrow wouldn’t move past page 125.
12. Fixed the bug in the tile selector where returning to the tile selector screen would switch the page to 125 if you left it on a higher page.
13. Fixed the bug where debug keys were left on by default.
14. Removed the “Combo Page” menu item from the Tools Menu.
15. Fixed the bug where the player could be pulled outside of a Like-Like that had caught them, making it harder for them to kill it, since they were still paralyzed.
16. Thanks to FatCatFan for this addition/omission correction. The secret combo page now shows the map flags for the combos if the flags option is on (from pressing the F key). This carries over between the map editor and the secret combo dialog (pressing F on either one turns flags on for both, basically).