This is a bug-fix release.

1. Aquamentus now works with new enemy tiles. First row is walking. Second row is charging his attack. Third row is opening his mouth and firing. 181test.qst shows an example of this.

2. SFX.dat is no longer password protected. So, if you have the grabber utility (I’m providing links for it if you want), you can make your own sfx.dat sound pack to submit for future releases. You need to download the new sfx.dat sound pack. The Z3 sound pack doesn’t work any more. I will fix this later.

3. Shadows no longer show in dark rooms.

4. The player no longer drops under layers 1 and 2 when he dies.

5. Compiled with Allegro 4.17. This should make it work a little better under XP. You need to download the new version of Alleg41.dll.

Um, can’t think of any others at the moment. If anyone can check the bugs that were reported about beta 180 (especially ones that seemed to just appear in beta 179 or 180 but were’t present in 178) and let me know ASAP, I’d be most grateful.