Beginning of Darkness DX

SubmittedNovember 15, 2012

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Aegis Runestone



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-Unique Dungeons with Floors, Boss music and other things
-Cave Subdungeons
-Bs-Zelda graphics
-New landscape types like Ice and lava.
-Lower case typing(Not sure how this is an exciting feature, but hey!)


With the curse on Princess Zelda released and the Triforce returned. It seemed that peace was at last coming to Hyrule...

But.. Many years afterwards, something strange happened to land mass of hyrule. The forests began to grow more trees than usual, blocking off many trade routes, mountains and earthquakes were more common, creating underground tunnels, and lava. In the most northern regions, ice and snow froze at low peaks and hieghts. And water was more abundant, causing floods.

Mysteriously enough, in the middle of all this, each area of growth had a temple. Strangely, the Temples were never affected by this continuing change. Link, the brave warrior who had saved Hyrule and the Princess twice before, decided to explore the temple in the forest...little did he realize, he was about to undergo another adventure.

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