Glenn the Great

SubmittedDecember 12, 2016

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Glenn the Great



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New quest using the Zelda 1 style. Nine brand new dungeons, and many new secrets, all on the same overworld as before. This was my entry for the 3rd Quest Contest.


Remember that day, perhaps long, long ago, when you finally killed Gannon? It was at long last, the end of your greatest journey thus far. But that wasn't it! Remember the shock and excitement of finding out that there was a "2nd Quest" to reward you for your completion of the "1st Quest?" But then, upon completion of the 2nd Quest, remember the disappointment when you found that there was no 3rd Quest? Well that disappointment is over.... well, at least until you beat AlphaDawg's 3rd Quest. This is my version of the 4th Quest of The Legend of Zelda. Like the 2nd and 3rd Quests, the 4th Quest retains virtually the same overworld as before, but all of the secrets are now mixed up, along with 9 brand new dungeons, with challenges much more difficult than those that you have yet conquered!

Hints and/or Cheats

The only levels that I expect should give trouble to an expert are Levels 3, 7, 8, and 9.
Levels 1 and 2 are tough but beatable.
Level 3 is incredibly hard, but once you get the stepladder, you have access to the White Sword (very easy to find) and to the Blue Ring (along the river where the 2nd Level 8 was.)
Once you have the white sword and blue ring, levels 4, 5, and 6 are pieces of cake; all involving weaker enemies.
Hopefully by Level 7 you might have the Magic Sword, and the Red Ring is hidden in Level 7.
I've beaten my own quest. It isn't easy, but it is beatable when you have found enough secret items.
Level 9 has two entrances!

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