Hollow Forest

SubmittedOctober 7, 2019

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Hollow Forest is my latest in a series of contest quests where I seemingly always have to one-up the last in terms of sheer ambition. This time, I made a quest with scrolling screens and a completely rewritten engine (some parts were recycled from ZeldYs) in around two weeks.

As you'd expect, it's pretty short as a result. I took a very loose interpretation of the theme, there are no literal moustaches (at least as far as you're aware), but many of the enemies you face feature in some way moustache inspired designs.

Unlike most quests, you have very limited ability to actually kill enemies and even limited saving ability. Resource management is key to survival. If you find yourself getting stumped, remember to talk to your fairy partner in various rooms. He can sometimes give helpful hints. And he sometimes gives amusing banter as well.

Warning: Even on a fast computer, there may be lag in the final area, I don't have time to try and optimize further before the deadline. My apologies.


Near my home village there is a cursed forest, we've taken to calling it The Hollow Forest. From out of the cavern network beneath it seeps a crawling darkness, a black rot. It consumes everything it touches, turning woodland creatures into monsters and driving men mad.

This shroud of darkness has hung over the forest since before I was born, but even still it continues to spread. Many have tried to find a cure for the rot, they have challenged the forest, and they have died for it. But lately, the forest that served as this village's livelihood for many years is all but gone and hard times have fallen upon us.

More than ever before the black rot threatens to swallow us all. And so it is that I hear the forest calling to me. And so I answer the call. And so I enter.

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