Requiem for Hyrule

SubmittedNovember 16, 2007

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A semi-remake of the first quest. Only semi because the overworld is the only thing similar but not the same. Dungeons are in different spots and completely redesigned. Fixeded huge bug in level 4 not allowing you to get ladder.

EDIT: Fixed bug making it impossible to get the magic key.
EDIT2: Fixed the same bug again. UGH!


Same story. Beat Ganon, save Zelda.


Credits to elise, Crackers, and Dafeedil for beta testing.

VGMusic for the midis.

PureZC for the tileset.

Hints and/or Cheats

If you're in a room with different colored pots, there may be something special about them. If you're stuck, try everything. Push walls, bomb floors. You know, everything. Also, you'll notice you'll only have superbombs in your subscreens in certain levels. If you see them in your subscreen, I guarantee you'll need them.

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