Fragmented Land

SubmittedNovember 25, 2007

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This quest was designed as a sequal to the original Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo. To construct the quest I used the Zelda Classic Quest Editor version 2.11 10 beta. The game must be played with Zelda Classic's 2.11 10 beta version until a full 2.11 version comes out. The quest will not work on versions lesser than Zelda Classic 2.11 beta. But, with this beta I have not seen any major issues that keep you from playing through the game. You can get the Zelda Classic beta version 2.11 10 beta on my site using the link above. Due to some major animation issues with lesser versions of Zelda Classic I had to use the beta. The tileset used to create the game is the BS tileset available on the Pure ZC website: The MIDI song files used in this quest include many familiar songs from all the major Zelda titles including the original, Adventures of Link, Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and Windwaker. One final note, this quest is intended to be more difficult than the original. It is on par in my mind with the second quest of the original game but may still be harder. If you enjoy a challenge this is the game. I will provide hints on this site including, eventually, a complete walkthrough. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]



ZC 2.5 beta 10b (Windows)


The destruction of Ganondorf within Death Mountain at the hands of Link, the Hero of Time and holder of the Triforce of Courage, brought about a golden age of prosperity for the people of Hyrule. The Triforce of Power was once again whole and placed within the Chamber of Time beneath the Great Castle. But, little did anyone know, Link’s task was not complete, for within Death Mountain lay a weapon, concealed by Ganon in a secret room unknown to the hero. This weapon, the golden arrow, forged from fragments of the Triforce of Power, also held great magic. As this power resonated through the empty dark dungeon once occupied by Ganon and his minions, the restless spirit of the dark lord awoke once more. Ganon was re-born. Knowing that he was not safe from Link and the now ruler of Hyrule, Queen Zelda, keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom, Ganon fled Death Mountain with his golden treasure. Posing as a would-be apprentice Ganon found residence with the great mages of the Royal Sanctuary. Amazed with his natural abilities the mages soon entrusted Ganon with royal duties and allowed him access to the Great Castle and the Chamber of Time. Knowing that he could not escape the castle with the Triforce of Power in hand, Ganon resolved to destroy the object and eliminate its protective power over the land. Ganon knew that only one object could break the golden power, the same object that he used before to fragment the Triforce into its 8 pieces, the golden arrow. Firing the arrow into the Triforce of Power, Ganon watched as the fractures grew. Little did he know that the power of the Triforce and its bond to the land had strengthened since his last encounter with the object. The breaking of the Triforce began a chain reaction that even Ganon did not expect. The land up-heaved, the rivers roared, the sky began to collapse, and Ganon was knocked against the floor only to pass out into a dream. When Ganon awoke the Triforce of Power and Chamber of Time was gone. He sat within a meadow surrounded by Octoroks and Moblin. Gannon soon realized that the evil creatures had returned, the spell of protection held by the Triforce of Power was removed. But, there was more, the land was different. The trees were taller, the deserts wider, and the dungeons darker. Hyrule was no longer. In its place was a new land, a land that Ganon soon realized could be his to rule. While scouring this new land in an attempt to acquire the pieces of the Triforce of Power and other lost magical treasures of the now destroyed Hyrule, Ganon stumbled across a dark cave. Feeling a great pull from this cave Ganon entered. There, to his amazement, he found the Triforce of Wisdom. Now realizing that the destruction of Hyrule separated Zelda from her golden power Ganon set out to find the Triforce of Courage, the golden power held by Link. Soon, hundreds of Ganon’s evil minions covered the land in search of the Triforce of Courage, the fragments of the Triforce of Power, and other magical items. One by one the items were discovered, hidden, and protected by Ganon’s forces within dungeons spread across the land. The flute, the silver arrow, the magic sword, the 8 fragments of the Triforce of Power, the Triforce of Courage, and even Queen Zelda herself were soon under Ganon’s control. The only thing in the way of his complete control over the land, the universe, and all that inhabited it was the knowledge to re-forge the eight fragments of the Triforce of Power. As Ganon sat within his darkest dungeon deep in study captive Queen Zelda used what limited magical power she had left to hold together the memory of Hyrule in places where Ganon could not reach. There she hid many of the magical items that were not discovered by Ganon’s minions in a hope that somewhere, within this vast new land, the Hero of Time was alive and ready to fight Ganon once again.


Thanks to Jeff for his bug testing.

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