Links Bad Hair Day 4

SubmittedJune 5, 2004

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99.9% Complete (may have bugs), rated M.  This quest was actually created using beta 104, but will play on recent public betas.  Level Names: Level 1: Mario's Pad, Level 2: Gay Pokemon World, Level 3: Dark Dude's Domian, Level 4: JJmaxx's Tree Stump, Level 5: The Goron's Dick, Level 6: Club 69, Level 7: The "Cum" Puddle, Level 8: Plith's School House, Level 9: TEH LAsT LVEL!!!!!


The Legend of Link's Bad Hair Day: A long time ago, in the magical land of Hyrule there lived a hero named Link. He had saved many worlds from evil including Hyrule. The Goddesses saw this and decided to put him to the ultimate test: Save the lands were the 2nd triforce lay in wait. In the land of Malonia rested the Triforce of Anger, in the land of Alcania rested the Triforce of Greed, and in the land of Oral rested the Triforce of Insanity. These 3 relics make up the 2nd Triforce, the Dark Triforce. Link recovered Anger and was warped back to Hyrule, but this was not meant to happen so a curse was put on Hyrule. When Link defeated the curse he was sent to Alcania and recovered Greed. Now, in the land of Oral he has to go on his last quest and recover Insanity. In a world full of sick and twisted humor, can Link finally free himself from a never-ending BAD HAIR DAY?


Dark Dude and Plith

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