Shadow of Evil

SubmittedJune 11, 2004

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1.92 b163

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This was the first quest that blckscab ever made. It was first made in 1.90 but was then updated to 1.92.


It was a peaceful normal day in the land of Kilos, until a loud roaring sound came from the north, a great swirling black vortex then appeared from no were and from inside the darkness, a image appeared. A evil black mage who called himself Wizlobe hovered from the swirling blackness and a army of stalfos followed him. The vortex then disappeared as fast as it came and the evil wizard and the stalfos disappeared.
Later on that week, the wizard invaded the village and the castle and murdered the king of Kilos, he then kept the land for his own evil purpose and then ordered his lifeless stalfos minions to build him a new castle over the ruin. He then found a very large problem with his plan of world domination, a princess called Zelda had mental powers that could render him helpless and force him to surrender. He thought to himself for a while and sent his most trustworthy minion to kidnap her from the land of Hyrule and place her in a magic proof room at the top of his new castle. In the struggle between Zelda and the evil minion, Zelda sent a message to the hero of time, Link, in a dream. When Link woke up, he found himself on a couple of islands south of Kilos called the Motea Islands. A new adventure has started...


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