Kings Quest

SubmittedJune 11, 2004

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A well-built and interesting quest in spite of the simplistic  graphics.


In this quest, the kingdom's king is missing. There has been a great war in which the king defeated an evil monster leader at it's source. Years later, the monsters made their move. They destroyed the good kingdom. The King supposedly fled to look for a secret weapon in the mountains up north. Meanwhile, the monsters have found all of the king's treasures and are guarding them inside the caves. The King appointed 3 chancellors to guard his BEST treasures while he took his sword with him to look for his kingdom's only hope. Link must find the King to assist him in this 'secret plan' to get their kingdom back.



Hints and/or Cheats

This quest plays like an RPG. So TALK TO EVERYONE. Listen to it ALL. Rupees are very important as well. There are a LOT of secrets so bomb, burn and shoot arrows EVERYWHERE!

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