The Hidden Duality - Directors Cut

SubmittedJune 16, 2004

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This is a massive, ambitious project started by DarkFlameWolf several months ago involving 2 massive, complete, complex overworlds and 15 complete, confusing, huge, complex dungeons that will test your sword skills and your mettle. This is a very challenging quest and not for the faint of heart. It deals with hard macro dungeon puzzles and many vague clues and hints to solve hard puzzles along with hordes of enemies to face. This is her fifth and largest quest to date and houses over 150 secrets and 28 HC pieces to find and collect. Consider yourself a champion ZC player if you manage to snag everything this quest has to offer!


Same as any other classic quest story, but involving 2 worlds and a buttload of more dungeons.


My testers: Synbios, Blonde, and anyone else I forgot to mention.

Hints and/or Cheats

The first bomb upgrade is in the cactus just several screens east of the level 3 entrance. Its surrounded by red bush stumps, bomb the cactus to reveal the upgrade. After acquiring all items from each dungeon, its best to start spelunking in the caves to find a new magic increase/upgrade. Always remember to look around every screen, both in dungeons and on the overworlds to see if anything can be effected by your items. Also read the document that comes in the zip.

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