Fall uh de Honky Pig

SubmittedMay 7, 2004

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This quest is a quest in Jive/Ebonics. Everybody in the game speaks in Jive! It's very funny and a lot of fun to play.


Princess Zelda's sista' has been captured in de distant land uh Ebonics. De Honky Pig (Ganon) gots'ta terro'ized da damn whole land uh Ebonics, and fo'ced dem t'rap in some language called "Jive". Link, de hero, travels all de way fum Hyrule, but when he gits t'Ebonics, he nearly goes insane fum all uh de Jive goin' on around him. Can Link stop de Honky Pig and save Zelda's sista' widout becomin' s'ome Brotha' himself?


KJAZZ for beta testing, DarkFlameWolf for beta testing and taking it upon herself to fix the bugs.

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