Adventure of Link

SubmittedJune 5, 2004

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"Adventure of Link" is an adaptation of the video game, "Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link". It has been altered to the Zelda Classic "overworld" style of play, but the room layout in Temples 1-5 and Temple 8 are excellent imitations of the six palaces in the original "Z2" game. Also, the overworld and enemies are laid out in a manner which should be somewhat reminiscent of the original.
One more feature of "Adventure of Link" is Towns: there are eight towns in this game, very similar to the original game. The Lens of Truth, Small and Large Wallets, Master Sword and Superbombs are all somewhere in the game as well.


This is the sequel to "The Longest Journey". You are Link, hero and adventurer. Princess Zelda has - once again - been captured by Ganon and his minions. Your mission: rescue her by gathering the 8 Triforce fragments from the labyrinthine Hyrulian Temples. This will open the entrance to the Grand Temple, where you will fight your final battle with Ganon.



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