The Legend of Zelda: Ages

SubmittedJune 5, 2004

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Travel in a huge overworld between two different periods of time using timewarps and warp to the time portals by using your Ocarina!. In this delightful quest, classic graphics are heavily modified and used very creatively.  BUG: There is one bug in this game, but it is not serious at all and it can be fixed by the player. So, in levels 5 & 6 (the multi-floor temples) when you die in the floor that is not the "starting floor", Link will continue the dungeon from the left side of the map, and you can´t go to the left anymore. But when this happens, Just re-enter the dungeon (after choosing the continue option) and the bug is fixed!


Ganon kidnaps princess Zelda and takes her in his tower. Before Ganon tried to take the triforce of wisdom, the triforce divided into 8 units and the pieces hid all over Hyrule. Some pieces ended up in the past, so that Ganon couldn`t get his hands on them. Ganon sends his minions to find the pieces, so suddenly the Hyrule is full of enemies. Soon Link finds this out, and with the help of wise old men and a fiery spirit, Link get`s an amulet, and with that Link can use the time warps that were formed when the triforce pieces hid to the past. It`s Link`s mission to find the pieces before Ganon by travelling between two different periods of time and then enter the tower of evil to slay Ganon and save Zelda, and the whole land of Hyrule!



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