Links Bad Hair Day

SubmittedJune 5, 2004

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Link's Bad Hair Day is a spoof of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Zelda.


 After celebrating the defeat of Ganon, Link got trashed at a local bar. Stumbling out the door in a drunken rage, Link fell into a mysterious portal that took him to the land of Malonia. After coming to his senses he realized every person he knew from Hyrule was in Malonia, only different...Everyone seemed angry, they cussed and called him names while yelling at him. He must have been busy when he was drunk because the Malonian Zelda was helping him out due to certain "acts" he did to her! She told him the only way to get home was to collect the Triforce of Anger (the Triforce of Powers form in Malonia) and defeat Gavin (Ganons form in Malonia). Setting of to find the 8 triforce pieces spread out through 8 temples to return him to Hyrule his latest adventure unfolds...



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