Quest of Fear

SubmittedJune 18, 2004

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This game is for all the people who didn't like the idea of a Zelda game with lame humor. It uses LA/LttP Graphics.


Right after Link's adventure in Termina he came back to Hyrule to find out something terrible had happened. Inside the sacred realm Ganondwarf created a mirror image of himself that was able to penetrate the seal between realms. He did this because he knew more about the triforce than any other person in the land...there was a fourth piece! This middle piece of the sacred relic was known as the triforce of fear. Legend tells if the entire triforce is together then whoever touches it will have their wishes come true. Until this moment the entire triforce was never together so it always had a negative side-effect. Zelda learned about Ganondwarf's plan, so she hunted down the fourth piece, shattered it into 8 pieces and spread them out into 8 temples. Ganondwarf was filled with rage so he sent his shadow image to capture her. It is Link's heroic duty to put the mysterious triforce of fear back together, defeat Shadow Ganon and save princess Zelda...



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