Isle of the Winds

SubmittedJuly 15, 2004

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1.92 b183

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It borrows from the Wind Waker concept of a world with a big ocean; with islands dotting the landscape. There will be some story in the form of Aryll, your sister and townspeople in your home town, Goron City and Zora Cave. After levels 1, 7 and 8, you can return to these towns and get new information out of them and get a new item from Aryll.
The game starts off on your home island and you MUST complete level 1 and then visit Aryll to get the raft so you can get off your island and explore the ocean. Now from here on in, you have free exploration through almost ALL the islands and areas of the huge 16x16 overworld. You can tackle levels 2-7 in any order you choose. With the small exception of gaining flippers from level 5 to access level 6. Other than that, you are free to go and do what you want and where you want. Just note that the further dungeons you skip to, the harder it will be on you since you may have fewer hearts early in the game.
Now as for secrets, here is a list:
- 2 HC Pieces on each major island
- 4 HC Pieces in 4 separate mini-dungeons found underwater in the vast ocean
- 6 Magic upgrades on 6 minor islands
- 8 Bomb upgrades on 8 major islands
- 3 Extra required dungeons including the new optional Master Dome
- Tons and Tons of rupees found on land, underwater, or found by defeating all enemies on certain overworld screens.

Please Use beta 183 to play this!

Ver. 1.3 - Added more raft paths to make the overworld a bit more accessible. Added some more free super bombs due to complaints of players. Decreased the price on super bombs and magic shields in shops around the overworld. Should play smoother now.



Find out for yourself and play the quest! Although it isn't much different than gathering 8 triforce pieces and going after Ganon!


Testers: Paul_doo, Synbios and Hero Link.
Special thanks to BH4 for giving me the new Link tiles.

Hints and/or Cheats

Read the .doc file that comes with it for semi-spoilers. Also click here for a map of the raft routes in IotW:


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