Evil Castle

SubmittedJanuary 24, 2005

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A neat side scrolling quest with cool castle tiles. A girl named Heidi is locked up in the Evil Castle and its up to you to help her find a way out. A simple short quest but there will be a Hell version of this quest coming out soon that when you play, you will be glad that the quest is short wu ha ha ha ha ha!

This is the 2.0 version of the quest, updated for ZC 2.10.


Every year, monsters from the evil castle search around in any near by villages to find a virgin girl that is the right age for them to sacrifice her life to the evil gods they worship. A girl named Heidi was taken from her village to the evil castle. As she sat in her cell up in one of the castle's towers, a bolt of lightning went through the window and hit her cell door and it opened. Thats where her adventure begins.

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