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SubmittedFebruary 20, 2005

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The zip contains the quest file, the sound effects file, and the mp3 of the overworld music.


Returning from a diplomatic mission, Princess Zelda's ship is Swashbuckled by pirates and she is captured and taken to the pirate stronghold know as Tortuga Island. Held for a ransom of eight blue pearls, it's up to Link to pay the ransom in order get her back.


Special Thanks to: Miguel, Elise, Iriss, Joe, David Ballard Jr., and Shoelace for beta testing this quest. Sprites of Joe and the Rabbit are from *b*'s Sun Tower tileset, thanks goes to him for releasing those. Thanks goes to DN and fatcatfan for their hard work in releasing the new 2.10 Zelda Classic program, which this quest is designed to be played on.

Hints and/or Cheats

Preview Screenshots Each time you beat a level the town and all it's building interiors change, as do the ships. *Using a cheat program with "no walls" will cause you grief, I suggest against it, there are tons of hidden floor triggers. Spacebar map turned of due to a bug in the 2.10

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