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The Legend of Zelda: Shattered Courage is a game that takes place in the land of Relenia. This land consists of 3 huge overworlds which each plays it's own role to the main plot. These worlds are of forest, ice, and flooded, and they are very much alike, yet different enough to make you want to explore further for hidden secrets. Welcome to the land of Relenia.  Quest file updated: 8/2/05


The Legend of Zelda: Shattered Courage - Relenian Times - The land of Relenia was blessed with three triangles of gold. The people of Relenia lived in confusion, not knowing the purpose of these golden essenses. One day, a man came to the land claiming to be the owner of these triangles. The man proved himself true, when he reflected the land to what was in his heart. Relenia grew beautiful trees and streams. Relenia was beautiful. One day, the great King left the land, and that was the last time the people of Relenia seen their great King. - Hyrulian Times- After defeating Ganon and saving Hyrule. Zelda sensed a strange disturbance in a distant land. This uneasy feeling radiated from the Temple of Time. Knowing that there could be trouble that is brewing that might conflict with the entire world, she took a private mission to the temple. Both Zelda and the Temple of Time dissappeared.... One day Link was sleeping in bed. As Link left his home to visit Zelda, he heard the word on the way to the castle. "Zelda is missing! Zelda is missing!!" cried the villagers. Appearantly an old man seen her go into the temple before it vanished from time and space. Link, being the hero from Hyrule took it upon himself to investigate! Link ventured into the Temple of Time ruins, it was there that he found a strange portal. It came to no surprise that a portal and a missing Temple was no mere chance. So Link jumped into the portal. Link than found himself in a new distant land, he later learned that this land was called Relenia and was the new home of the Temple of Time. After adventuring the land of Relenia, it was getting Dark, and Link was getting tired. Link made camp in eastern Relenia when he was companied by a stranger who knew the location of the Temple. This man invited Link to his house and fed Link. It was than he told Link that the temple was behind his house! Link was about to run out the door until the man advised him that the temple was cursed, and it was best to go there in the morning. Link did take to consideration that he was tired and exhausted, and if he were to be attacked, he would surely die in combat. It wasn't worth risking, Zelda needed a living hero, not a dead hope. Link set camp and headed for the Temple the next morning.


Thanks to DFW for inspiration, to Fred for upload, to game testers Ben and Sandra. Special thanks to Boram C, Rakki, Athanato, and Peach.

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Spoiler: When playing Shattered Courage, by the time you reach the 8th level, you are lead to assume that you are exploring the final level! However! This is indeed NOT the final level. When you beat level 8, you are taken to a new 4th overworld where you challenge the final level. Level 9 which consists of 8 levels of it's own, separated as level 9-1, level 9-2, level 9-3, etc, etc. You can choose to defeat this level, or skip the level to defeat the final boss if you find the level much too difficult.

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