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SubmittedAugust 6, 2005

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This my second quest, much better than the last. Medium difficulty. It will take a little thinking to solve some of the dungeons. The first in a series of many.

UPDATE: There has been a major graphical detail overhaul to this quest. The quest is the same but, the attention to detail was upgraded.

UPDATE2: Upon the overhaul I have noticed that the silver arrow became unreceivable. It is fixed in this version.


One day Link decides to finally settle down and retire. However, Ganon had his own plans. After being resurrected again by Wizrobe, Ganon sees his perfect opportunity to kidnap the princess and lure Link into his minions. While preparing the celebration of his retirement, Link hears a muffled scream rising through the air. He rushes home to his mountainside abode to find that nothing is the same. "Will I ever be able to relax and settle down?", Link thinks to himself as he begins the search for his love and retirement.


PureZC for the MIDIs and tiles. tigger187c for testing.

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Enjoy! E-mail with any comments or if you find any bugs at [email protected]

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