Castle Haunt II

SubmittedAugust 29, 2005

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Halloween romp. The zip file contains the quest, and mp3 sound files.

Updated in the 2.50/2.53 format to work properly on modern versions of ZC, by ZoriaRPG: The original quest (and sfx.dat file) for 2.10 is still included.

If playing in 2.10: Rename or move your sfx.dat to another folder to avoid over-writing it. Use only the 2.10 version of ZC to play this quest.


Once again ... A warrior's job is never done. He would prefer to lay right there next to the loving Zelda, BUT a rescue was in order, she would just have to understand. Why do the evil forces choose to ruin his every halloween? Well ... no matter, he's got it to do, might as well get to it.


Testers; Elise, Pauldoo, Ielen, boycm92, Jerimy.

Hints and/or Cheats

Available upon request.

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