Lands of Serenity

SubmittedApril 15, 2010

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Chris Miller



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Uh-oh. I fixed a few more bugs that popped up in the switchover from 163 to 2.10.
This is a bugfixed version of the original Lands of Serenity. I finally managed to get it to load under Windows 7 and fixed the last level, as well as a few other things that were pointed out to me. When you comment, keep in mind that this quest was made in 2002 with Beta 163. Enjoy! 😀


A brave knight has stumbled into the lost Land of Serenity, which he soon learns has been cursed by a formidable sorcerer known only as "The Dark Man". The Dark Man has placed a curse on the land. The High Lands are stuck in constant daylight, which has created a great desert. The Middle Lands are normal in the daytime, but turn to obsidian at night. The Lower Lands are stuck in perpetual night by a huge lightning storm. It's up to him to find the four double-sided keys, the only artifacts potent enough to undo the curses. The Dark Man isn't making it easy, though. He has unleashed a terrible army for the knight to fight through. Good luck.


EIHoppe & Sparky for beta testing. Also, thanks to all the players who were so patient with me and my 2.10 fix. o.o;

Hints and/or Cheats

Don't get dead. 😀

EDIT: You accidentally posted the same screenshot four times, so I just filled in other 3 with shots from your old quest. Contact me if you wanna use something else. -Old-Skool-

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