Island Adventure

SubmittedAugust 17, 2013

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Island Adventure is a completely different quest. It has nothing to do with Zelda. In every level you have to reach the house. There are 100 levels!

- Many many different puzzles, reaching from creative original puzzles to different kinds of block puzzles
- You can save in any level
- Selfmade tileset
- A great custom boss at the end of the game

Try this out! How many levels can YOU beat?


No story. Just puzzles.


aaa2 - Controllable Raft Script
blackbishop89 - Blue/Red Block Script
MoscowModder - Various important Scripts
Bjorn Lynne - Various midis
Radien - Some tiles from his DoR tileset

I made the palette and more than 50% of the tiles in this quest myself.

Hints and/or Cheats

No cheats. If you need any help on a certain level, just ask in the help thread.

You have to set up the Ex1-4 buttons, to control the raft. Set these up in the ZC player!

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