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SubmittedMarch 20, 2014

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New Quest updated to ZC 2.50

Updated hotfixes/changes:

1. Red Wizzrobes do only 1 Heart (4 HP) of damage (in line with the BS-Zelda fix).
2. Stalfos do only 1/2 Heart (2 HP) of damage (in line with their damage), but the swords still require the Magic Shield to block.
3. Red Lynel Swords now only do 1 Heart (4 HP) of damage (in line with the BS-Zelda fix)
4. Death Knights have been nerfed: Their swords now do 40 damage, in line with their contact damage
5. Mirrorrobes have been nerfed back to their 1.92 B 183 level, only taking 3 shots to kill (hopefully). Whomever powered them up IDK why.
6. Boss effects put in (New Quest was so early in ZC Development this feature was overlooked)
7. Gleeoks are now hurt by wand magic, putting them in line with the manual saying they're hurt by both sword AND wand.
8. First room of Blue Goriyas taken down to 3 of them.

New Bosses:
1. Level 1 - Digdogger - 25 HP, does 1 heart of damage instead of 2.
2. Level 4 - Gohma - 25 HP, does more damage. He's an old crab now. 😉
3. Level 5 - Gleeok - bumped from 3 heads to 4 heads
4. Level 7 - Gleeok - bumped from 4 heads to 10 heads
5. Level 8 - Patra - No longer 3 Patras, but one Big Circle one with more HP (50) for the center and double HP (24) for the eyes. It also shoots fireballs now. It's also different color to differentiate itself from the Lv. 6 Patra and the normal enemy Patras.
6. Level 11 - Gleeok - Now has 40 heads legitimately
7. Level 11 - Fire Gleeok - Now has a ton more HP and only 4 heads, a real boss fight now. This might be buffed for more HP pending playtesting.

UPDATE: Version 4.0. This is the final version. I fixed the Digdogger issue and the Game Icon problem, as well as making this more stable. This is "as is" from this point on, unless something's extremely gamebreaking, this is as stable as I can make it for future builds. If you want the most stable version for all future builds, please play the Rebuilt version.

A restart is required for 4.0.


Link has defeated Ganon twice now and embarks on his third quest, little does he k


Gleeok: For the update testing
All the old staff (Meta, JayeM, Zeo, AlphaDawg, others) for the original testing/work on all previous versions of the quest.

Hints and/or Cheats

West of Zelda\'s room hides a secret!

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