October 2018 Expo Module

SubmittedSeptember 13, 2019

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Freedom, NightmareJames, Venrob, ZoriaRPG



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The 'Halloween' themed, October 2018 Expo Module, features Castle Haunt, and Castle Haunt II as 1st and 2nd quests, updated to play properly (with the correct sound effects) on 2.54 or higher; plus a special version of Demo Quest (Downfall), and demos of 'Majora's Mask 2D', and Arkanoid ,as 3rd, 4th, and 5th quests, respectively.

You can skip to Castle Haunt 2 using the file select name SAMHAIN.
To skip to Downfall, use the name DOWNFALL.
To skip to the MM2D Demo, use the name MASK.
To skip to the Arkanoid demo, use the name ARKANOID.


Freedom (Castle Haunt, Castle Haunt II), NightmareJames (Demo: Downfall), Venrob (Majora's Mask 2D), ZoriaRPG (Arkanoid; module files).

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