Hell Awaits

SubmittedJune 3, 2004

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9 levels, 1 full overworld, and 3 mini-areas (caves). Almost every item available in zQuest was used.  The difficulty is close to the orginial Zelda "2nd quest".


Ganon is working for Satan now. Satan is trying to make his presence felt over this new land that Link watches over. In the dungeons you can see the 666 mark in various places.
Link, who is probably getting sick of going on all these journeys, has thrown down his hat. This time he means business. Collect 8 pieces to get into the final dungeon. But instead of the triforce, you must collect the 8 crosses. After all, your going into Satan's Dungeon and need the holy power to get in.


Running Man and EoD.

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Check the read me for addition hints and tips.

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