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TexasDex's first quest.


Plot (a true story): Once upon a time in Hyrule a kid named TexDex made an amazing discovery. He learned that 1000 years ago a hero named Link had fought the Evil Ganon (who looked sorta like a pig) and found the lost Triforce. He saved Hyrule and met the beautiful Princess Zelda. So this kid named TexDex went to Downloads.com and Downloaded Zelda Classic. (He hoped to repeat the adventures of this courageous explorer from the comfort of his bedroom) BUT in a few short days he got hooked on the Quest builder. He worked for long hours, perfecting the quest he was making and (for the most part) learning how the !@#$% quest editor worked (seriously, Zquest is a great tool, just a bit hard to figure out at first.) After over six months of work, he developed the TexDex quest. An amazing work! (Okay, he wasn't totally finished with the 9th Dungeon, but still.) Yet the TexDex quest was still missing something. Even though it had a slightly better graphics pack than the Classic set he still longed for the nicer-looking BS style graphics. But then a miracle happened. Texdex learned how to use the Combo scroll, and how to change C-sets. He changed the old, outdated Classic graphics to the newer BS version. And Violla! (I think that's how you spell it.) A true Masterpiece! (He still wasn't finished with the 9th Dungeon, but...)"--TexasDex



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You'll find a walkthough in the readme file.

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