Rise of Enlil

SubmittedJune 13, 2004

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600 years after "Zelda 2: Adventures of Link", Ganon has had enough. He is angry and desperate. One day Ganon gets a visiter from the north by the name of Enlil. He offers to help Ganon in exchange for dominion over the Northern Lands. Ganon sees no problem with this and agrees. Ganon goes about this in the normal way, he steals part of the Triforce and kidnaps Zelda. The king seeing no other way to save Hyrule, divides the Triforce of Courage into 8 pieces and spreads them around Hyrule. Then he learns of a young teen named Link (a decendent of the Link of the legends) and sends for him. When Link arrives the King explains to him what has happened and Link wholeheartedly agrees to help. Link goes to see the Triforce of Wisdom and is transported to a mountanious region of central Hyrule. So begins the quest.


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