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Dragon Legend of Zelda: Unification is a quest full of puzzles and secrets that will take some thinking to get through. Features that are usually not in BS Quests have shown up in here including a hookshot, Lens of Truth, Golden Arrows, and more! Also, a warning to beginners. It's recommended you play a few other quests to learn the feel of ZC before playing this quest, as it does assume you have experience.


Link is resting in his home one day when Abei appears from nowhere. He tells Link that Ganon found out where the secret island of the Dragon Triforce is and that he kidnapped Zelda as well. Abei then tells Link that big long legend you just read! Link want's to follow Zelda. Abei opens a book and chants a funny incantation. A stairway appears on the floor! Link walks in, and finds himself in a pitch black room! The mist in the room causes Link to pass out! He wakes up to find himself on an island shoreline. Wrote in the sand near the water is:

"Welcome to Dragon Island, the island out of normal human reach!"

The tide comes in and covers the message. Link sudden finds an octorock rushing towards him, ready for the kill (screen to the left of start). Link reaches for his sword, but it is not there. Neither is any of his other gear. The mist had took it from him and scattered it around the island! Also, Ganon had stolen the Master Sword and hid it in his hideout! Ganon also has several fake triforces that Link will have to collect to escape certain rooms! You will determain what Link will do! Can you prevent Ganon from finding the pieces of the Dragon Triforce and regaining the ultimate power of the main TRIFORCE?


Quest Name: Qale
Beta Testers (Thanks for the help!):
Jaye (JayeM on the AGN forums)
Truls Rohk
Tiles: Some from me and the rest from various tilesets.
Palatte Work: Custom palattes from me . The original BS Palattes were NOT from me! 

Hints and/or Cheats

Look at everything! This quest can get confusing at times, but simply think and you can get through alive!

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