Promised Lands

SubmittedNovember 15, 2013

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A quest featuring 8 large dungeons, fully scripted bosses and minibosses, several minigames, custom caves, and a story slightly more elaborate than the usual \"defeat the bad guy, save the girl\" fare.

Special features include:
- A bestiary with all the common enemies found in the quest, which gets filled up when you collect the souls enemies sometimes leave behind.
- A cartographer who draws crude treasure maps, indicating where some hard to find secrets are located, providing you can find the screen corresponding to the map.
- Ulrira, the helpful old man from Link\'s Awakening, is there to give you tips if you call him from one of the phone booths.

At the end of the quest you will be given a \"game completion\" score, so that will give you a reason to revisit it if you want to find everything.


In a nutshell: Hyrule is in decay and at the hands of a harsh dictator. An old legend says that if someone collects 8 feathers of the mythical Roc bird, the Roc will appear and take the people of Hyrule to the Promised Lands, solving all of their problems. This appears to be Hyrule\'s only hope, and Link decides to look for the 8 feathers. But does the Roc really exist, or is it only a legend?


Quest designed by: Jamian
Tileset: Moosh
Extra tiles:, EZGBC tileset
Scripts: Jamian, Moosh, Moscowmodder, Palpaleos
Beta testing: Moosh, Mister Snooze, Arieltap, Evan20000

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