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SubmittedJune 3, 2004

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The Legend: Every full moon, King Domingo of the Land of Lalaria turns into a ganon. It was quite chaotic when it first began, but since then his aides have found a solution. Whenever Domingo is due to transform, his aides lock him in his room until he is finished. Then when he is his own self again, Domingo is let out to run his kingdom once more. All was normal as the moon approached its most recent fullness. This time though, something went horribly wrong. Perhaps their clocks were wrong, or perhaps the moon went faster than expected, but anyhow, Domingo made his transformation early. In the form of a ganon, he ate up all of his aides and retired to the back of his palace. As the moon waned, Domingo would usually become his old self again. This time though, something went horribly wrong. Perhaps it was the aides in his stomach, nobody knows. But Domingo did not change back. Without a king, the Kingdom of Lalaria began to get chaotic. Monsters took over all the castles and fortresses and dungeons over the countryside. Bridges were washed away. Water became undrinkable. The stock market crashed. You see, Lalarians are very normal people, under normal circumstances. But the loss of their king was quite a shock to them and they became totally inept, save the citizens of one hidden town. This is where your adventure begins. Save the people of Lalaria, defeat the evil monsters, return Domingo to his true form, and make the water safe to drink. Good Luck!
Objectives: Save the people of Lalaria. Defeat all nine levels and the two caves. Find poets Emily Dickinson and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Restore Domingo to his true form by defeating the ganon. Name all eleven dungeon midis plus the two boss midis. 😉


Armageddon Games, Phantom Menace, AlphaDawg and Mottzilla, SOMUnknown, Nintendo, beta-testers DeafKarate, MagmaLord, ValMouse, and Uncle Luigi 2000.

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Dungeon locations and additional info can be found in the text file that is included in the download.

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