Links Journey

SubmittedJune 2, 2004

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A harder, interesting and colorful variation on 1st Quest, with different dungeons.


When Link defeated the ever-so-persistant Ganon, he was finally able to relax and go to sleep in his home. After a while he opened his sleepy eyes he saw a Stalfos Knight hovering over him. No threat. Link thought, There's only one. The Stalfos Knight seemed to sense what Link thought and said, "I am not an enemy, Link. My name is Stalfos, and I have come because Hyrule is in danger, and you are it's only hope. Ganon has captured a piece of the Triforce and the Princess (who has the other two pieces). But Zelda broke one of her pieces into 8 and spread them throughout Hyrule." Link gasped, "This is like my first adventure!" Stalfos nodded, "Yes, now go and save Hyrule!" THUS THE ADVENTURE BEGINS...



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