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This is Foxx's first full-length quest. It has seven dungeons, many caves, an 8x8 overworld, a total of sixteen heart containers, some of the new items, and a host of pleasant and unpleasant surprises.


The legendary land of Hyrule had come under the threat of the archvillain Ganon. He kidnapped Princess Zelda and divided the Triforce of Wisdom into eight fragments, which he scattered throughout underground dungeons. In an unprecedented display of wisdom, power and courage, a young lad named Link arose to defeat Ganon and reclaim the Triforces of Wisdom and Power for Hyrule. That was all several thousand years ago.
Fifty-two generations later, you have come into this modern society as a descendant of Link, but you want no part of heroism. Indeed, your only goal is to live as normal a life as possible. This objective is somewhat thwarted when you discover AGN and ZC, and the dozens of custom quests that have been designed for it. Ultimately, you spot a rather inviting quest called Microplex and decide to give it a try. However, nothing can prepare you for what awaits within. You have just downloaded this quest and set up a character to play it in ZC. You reach for the Enter key to start the game, but right as your fingers come down on the button, a powerful, electrical sensation roars up your arm and through your body. Blazing bolts of light leap into your field of vision and you feel yourself shooting through space, accelerated by some ungodly force. Forked tongues of blue-white energy are crackling all around and through you, and you zip through space faster and faster, grunting to stay conscious. You feel yourself start shaking, having lost all sense of direction, and continue to shake for several minutes before you realize you've finally come to rest.
Your vision slowly clears as you look around you. It is dark, but you are outside, standing in a rather small grotto. The air is very thin, but you fortunately see a space helmet lying on the ground next to you. You put it on and your breathing normalizes instantly. You are surrounded by a group of military bunkers, one with its sliding doors open. No sooner do you enter the bunker than you are greeted by a man, who looks like he might be a member of an intelligence agency.
"Welcome," he says. "We have been anticipating your arrival at the Microplex Industrial Facility in sector HJD of Galactic Quadrant IV." Introducing himself as Commander Jones, he continues his spiel, but it's not what has your attention at the moment. What you are thinking about right now is that you're far from home, that you'll be here a while, and that you're in for the ride of your life.


War Lord, Shadowblazer, Nightmare, AlphaDawg, and TSA for inspiration, AlphaDawg for the tutorial, TSA for the trick of stringing together multiple messages, Trunks for suggesting that Link wear a space helmet, Phantom Menace and Dark Nation, for ZC.

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