Double Trouble

SubmittedJune 2, 2004

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This quest has it all: lots of multi-screen convos, signs, and 4 puzzle-filled dungeons.


Story: A few days after he trapped Ganon in the door of time Link started having visions. In these visions he would see two identical versions of Ganon, standing side by side. He would also see a brief image of a place unfamiliar to him. He knew this was a place in Hyrule because he could feel it's magic. Having a lot of experience in magic, Link knew that visions are not to be ignored. So he set off to look for this land. Sometime during his journey he came to a river he had also never seen. A sudden surge of energy penetrated his body and he found himself in the water, speeding downstream. He fell Unconcious. Link awoke along the river's shore. After he looked around he quickly realized that this was the place in his visions! After a little searching he found a man who explained what was going on. The man told Link that Ganon had found a way open the door of time. While Link was floating down the River Ganon had created a weaker "clone" of himself in this area of Hyrule. He commanded his weaker self to establish a Kingdom and open the door of time, thus releasing Ganon and all his power. The man gave Link a sword and told him the only way to defeat the real Ganon was to defeat his weaker self and keep the Door of Time sealed.


Cloral, Kratheous, Executioner of Deities, Hypercrash, Menohk, PerfctGreg, Plith, and Dark Nation.

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Password: 2double2

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