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SubmittedMay 7, 2004

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This is a truly excellent (and hard) quest. Standard story using the best modified classic graphics I've seen, difficult and puzzling dungeons, interesting overworld...I could go on but basically it's just everything a quest should be.


Standard Legend of Zelda Story



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This is a difficult quest and Darwin is no longer available to answer questions: he made a total of 5 posts and the email in the readme is not active anymore.  So I compiled this tipsheet garnered from threads about this quest in 2002. ~JayeM~

Here's a list of all the Pieces of Heart in the overworld:

1. Two screens east of Level 9, use a Super Bomb in the middle of the screen.

2. Four screens east of Level 9, push one of the Armos Statues.

3. From Level 7, go one screen south, two screens west, and one screen north, and use the whistle.

4. In the northeast corner of the map, push an Armos Statue.

5. Look in the graveyard west of Level 6.

6. Go two screens south of Level 7, then one screen east and bomb a wall.

7. Swim into the waterfall directly north of Level 1.

8. One screen east of Piece of Heart #7, push an Armos Statue.

9. Two screens east of Piece of Heart #8, use the whistle.

10. Check the ocean on the east side of the map, and dive in the middle of a small circle of rocks (there are two circles).

11. Use the dock one screen west of Level 1. When you enter the next screen north, hold down to dock at the beach with the Piece of Heart.

12. There's a section of beach in the ocean, too...explore with the Raft and you should find it. When you reach it, bomb a wall there.

13. One screen north of Level 5, bomb a wall.

14. Three screens east of Level 5, blow the whistle.

15. One screen west of where you start, burn the center bush.

16. Head south from Level 1 and burn the right-hand bush.

You can get the other four Pieces of Heart in the minidungeons. Just keep searching.

The mirror shield isn't in this quest, but if you're really having trouble, try skipping ahead to Level 7 (it's in the northern part of the map, beneath a pool (like the 1st quest Level 7)). There are Goriyas and other easy enemies there, and after you get the heart container you might be able to get the magic sword. Buy Enemy Bait before you enter Level 7, though.

Also, you don't have to kill all the enemies in some of the rooms in Levels 5 and 6. That's part of the challenge of this quest.

Maze path: L D D L

Level 4: in the upper left area of the overworld map, to the left side of a waterfall.

Level 5: in the very far left bottom corner of the overworld map, there are 3 rocks there, stand in the center of them and blow the whistle. The cross is in level 5.

Silver arrow: just south of level 9 there are rocks in the formation of an arorw pointing north....with the level2 bracelet you can move one of the rocks aside.

Letter: in a mini-dungeon just below where the white sword is, you have to bomb a big rock.

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5.0 rating based on 1 rating

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