A Hero's Story

SubmittedNovember 14, 2012


Love For Fire



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This is my first quest, it is fairly easy, more difficult toward the end. It has 6 dungeons and a large final dungeon. There are no extra dungeons, only 12 heart contaoners available. This was a small quest I created to convince myself I could finish something and to give people something fun to play.

If possible please use V1.92 B183, I am not accountable for any bugs that occur in V2.10. I did try playing some of it, and it seems to work in 2.10


Link must rescue Zelda because she got herself in trouble... again. The prime suspect is Ganon of course. Maybe he's not the enemy this time who knows...


The Pure Tileset creator(s). Everyone who made ZC. And my beta tester A guy and his game.

Hints and/or Cheats

Don't die... lol Seriously, try to get the Blue Tunic early, and be prepared for anything.

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